» » Akula uni tasvirga olayotgan g’avvosga tashlandi (video)

Akula uni tasvirga olayotgan g’avvosga tashlandi (video)

Avstrailya g‘arbida yo‘lbars akula uni tasvirga olayotgan g‘avvosga tashlandi. Bu haqda UPI xabar bermoqda.

This is what happens when you get in the way of a tiger shark and his dinner! After finding an usual behaved tiger on the flats the other day I did the same thing anyone would and jumped in to have a look, a punter gave me his camera to get some photos although I didn't really know how to use it I jumped in to find this juvenile tiger was hunting a turtle and started getting some snaps, I was aware of the situation I had put myself in and knew I had to keep my distance to avoid interfering with nature, what happened next I defiantly did not expect and will never forget!!! I came away from this experience with a lot of thoughts but have not grown any fear, if anything a ton more respect for these amazing animals. Tiger sharks are not hunters they are scavengers, basically the garbage truck of the ocean, they only target sick or wounded prey and as you can see here do not attack with much aggression. They are not the shark the media makes them out to be, they are very placid and generally avoid any contact with us. This was not an attack it was simply a warning to get away from his food, you can see how slowly the shark swims up and doesn't even attempt to bite me, if he wanted me he would've had me plain and simple. Please respect not hate sharks they cop way to much bad publicity but it's all from people who don't understand and probably have never even been snorkelling let alone swam with a one!!! #thisismothernature #shesbeautiful #savetheturtles#sothetigerscansurvive #swimwithsharks #stopfinning ?????? cheers for dropping me in and watching my back whilst no one could skip

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Timoti van Bilen Koral Bey shahri qirg‘oqlarida dengiz toshbaqasini ta’qib qilib yurgan akulani suratga olish uchun suvga tushgan. Yirtqich o‘z oljasidan quruq qolgach, uning e’tibori g‘avvosga tushgan. Akula g‘avvos tomonga qarab borgan, biroq so‘nggi lahzada ortiga qayrilib, suzib ketgan.

“Akula hujum qilmadi, shunchaki meni uning o‘ljasidan uzoqroq turishim kerakligi haqida ogohlantirdi. Bu uning yuqoriga sekin suzib kelganidan ham ko‘rinadi. Agar u xohlaganida, meni tishlab olgan bo‘lardi”, — deb tushuntirgan van Bilen.

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