» » Videogalereya: Zamonaviy ijodiy ixtirolar

Videogalereya: Zamonaviy ijodiy ixtirolar

Inson fantaziyasining chegarasi yo‘q. U tufayli balkonga aylanuvchi derazalar va kvadrat g‘ildirakli velosipedlar yaratiladi. AdMe ana shunday ixtirolarni aks ettirgan jamlanmani taqdim etdi.

Shenanigans from earlier this week. So many cool things going on here. #ilovemath #physicsfun #gettheminterested @google

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Last day at #immcologne fair! It has been a great pleasure to show you best brands displayed at the fair and discover new exciting smart furniture! By @evecollection_vieco #immcologne2018 #archiproducts #designselection

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Laser-cut paper notecards. As you use them, a hidden object is excavated by @triad_inc follow @ifyouhigh

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Starting the 2nd variant of this piece this week. Opening and closing this door hasn't gotten old for me. #tambour #desk #finefurniture #woodworking #handcrafted

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First-rate engineering ???? by @patrynwoodworks follow @ifyouhigh

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Looking for some fun builds for the winter months to come? How about a box the size of cooler that transforms into a picnic table. Link to the plans in my bio. #foldingtable #picnictable #transformer #woodworking #project #wood #plans #folding #design #outdoorfurniture #izzyswan #woodworkingproject

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Should I post more videos like this? The past few days there have been over 3000 new followers to this page ????Hi and welcome ???? Thank you so much ???? I guess most of you are here because of this video, which has gone viral again ???? I guess people like spirograph videos! ???? Tools used: a #spirograph and #staedtler #triplusfineliner

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A designer carves mindblowingly detailed miniature cities out of scrap wood. @mcnabbstudio

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Part of Rube Goldberg Machine by @marleyturned follow @ifyouhigh

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#viral #amazingfurniture

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Kinetic installation at Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang by Easywith Follow us @ifyouhigh

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The future. Flexible furniture

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Coolest folding chairs from around the world. All available through our shop online. #expandfurniture #spacesaving #transformation

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I have made myself a new website with loads more information about my tables! www.johnsonfurniture.co.uk here is a video of my latest one made from burr ash. Photos of me building this are on my IG page! Thanks for watching ???? #expandingtable #diningtable #expanding #extending #round #circular #fineinteriors #finedining #finefurnituremaking #luxurylifestyle #luxuryinteriors #interiors #interiordesign #wood #veneer #starburst #bestigwoodworking #london #blackheath #greenwich #madeinlondon #madeintheuk

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Klemens Torggler's doors are kinetic art objects based on rotating squares. The special invention makes it possible to move the object sideways without the use of tracks. The first door is made out of 200 kg steel. follow @ifyouhigh

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